11 Resourceful People Who Hacked the Quarantine. Their Ideas Are Pure Gold!

Quarantine, on home or nationals scale, is a severe restriction imposing isolation and teaching us new patterns of behaviour.

We don’t really know how we will remember it in the future. What matters is the fact that some of us found it as a motivation to act.

Quarantine. A challenge we all had to face, no matter how much we would hate to do it.
If somebody ever told you that 2020 was going to be a fairy tale, they must have meant a fairy tale like ‘Home alone’.

#1 Getting around following the rules of social distancing

Cool Brolly

#2 When we were younger, we just pretended to be hairdressers

#3 Summer 2020 is coming!

#4 More empathy towards others living in isolation

#5 Contemporary travelling trends

#6 Your own bowling alley

#7 You have seen everything in all possible configurations

#8 After exposing to the same person for some time, their value seems to be nose-diving

#9 Your special day in these special times

#10 Never forget to cover your mouth and nose

#11 Art becomes so tempting

What else will the lockdown make you think of?

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