11 Ingenious Life Hacks to Be Used on Everyday Basis. You Will Wish You Hadn’t Known Them before…

You have a feeling that you are being followed. You are afraid of the guy who has just walked into the elevator. These are things happening to all of us. What to do then? What to do in similar situations? Read a few useful hints we have got for you today. They might be really useful one day!


#1 Kidnapping

If you get kidnapped, try to leave behind as many personal items as possible. Simply speaking lose them on purpose. That will be a trail for the police to follow. Keep your mobile phone hidden on you so that it could be tracked.

#2 A suspicious stranger in the elevator

If you feel in danger going up/down in an elevator, press all the buttons one after another. That will surprise the attacker and give you a chance to run away.

#3 How to predict a storm

Shake a fizzy drink and pour it into a glass. If the bubbles spread apart, the weather will be good. If the bubbles accumulate in the centre, stormy weather is coming.
This is because of the atmospheric pressure and its impact on the air bubbles. High pressure disperses them which means sunny weather prospects. When the pressure is low, the bubbles remain the centre, which means that rainy and stormy weather is very likely.

#4 Puncture

If you get a flat tyre in the middle of nowhere, you don’t have a spare wheel and there is nobody around to give you a hand, make small holes on the side of the tyre and fill it with grass or hay. Of course once you reach a garage or any kind of service station, you will have to throw that tyre away. However, in this way you can handle a seemingly hopeless situation.

#5 Flight

Stay alert during the first three minutes of take-off and the final 3 minutes of landing. According to the statistics, 61% of all plane accidents take place in these two periods. That is why your concentration can be of critical importance if you want to survive.

#6 Burning oil

If your cooker or frying oil catch fire, you must not use water. Instead, use baking soda to put out the flames. During the chemical reaction triggered when soda is used a lot of carbon dioxide is released which extinguishes the fire. This method works only with small fires as it calls for quite a lot of baking soda.

#7 Stay calm

Panic is one of the most important factors reducing the chance of survival in a dangerous situation. Consequently, keeping your calm and taking some simple steps is essential if you want to keep your balance.
Focus your attention on anything.
Give some items around you names, touch the ground, count the trees or other things you see. That will help you get back to the ‘here and now’.
Breathe slowly. Inhale and exhale through the nose. Try to breathe using the abdomen muscles, instead of your chest. Focus on the long breath out.
Say out loud whatever you think. For example ‘I don’t know what to do. My hands and knees are trembling. My heart beats so fast.’
Define the actions that you want to take to save yourself.

#8 Phone instead of reflectors

You can use your phone, especially the torch option as a source of light while crossing a dark road. It will help the drivers see you better and give them more time to react.

#9 Fatigue behind the wheel

If you are planning to drive longer than 6 hours, you may experience tunnel vision effect. You will pay attention to the road and objects ahead of you while failing to notice things on the sides. In this way you might miss a pedestrian. To prevent eyes’ fatigue, take with you a small bag of camphor or a bottle of camphor oil. Whenever you feel your eyes are sore or tired, open the bag or the bottle and take a deep breath. You will feel much better and you will be more attentive, too.

#10 When somebody is following you

When you feel you are in danger, act like a hysterical victim. Cry, blow your nose or wipe your nose with a sleeve (as if you were crying). The stalker will probably take his eyes off you and give you a chance to run away. By the way, the police often use this trick to see if they are being followed.

#11 A tweezer of coins

A tweezer is an underestimated tool. If you need one, but don’t have it, you can replace it with regular coins. Take two bigger coins and put a smaller one in between them. Pinch them so that their edges touch.

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