10 Smart Ways to Store Plastic Boxes

Usually we use plastic boxes to store food. However, we also use them to organise other items, not necessarily grocery. Thanks to them our houses enjoy more order as you can put almost everything inside. Unfortunately, with more and more boxes at our disposal, they begin to clutter our rooms themselves. How do you actually organise plastic boxes?

#1 A dedicated drawer to store plastic boxes

#2 CD or plate racks work great as a solution to store the lids

#3 Even a desk organiser can be put inside a drawer to keep the lids in order

#4 Of course if you don’t know how to store a container, use another container!

#5 Once you manage to put away the boxes, don’t forget that the lids don’t need so much space and can be stored on the cabinet’s door

#6 You can also use a drying rack

#7 Use hanging shelves. They do make it easier to store all containers

#8 As it happens, the line between documents storage and plastic containers storage is very thin

#9 Large plastic boxes are another answer to the problem. Taking them out is much easier then

#10 If you divide your drawers inside, maintaining order will be much easier again

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