10 Most Disgusting Dishes from All over the World. Would You Dare to Taste Any of Them?

Countries all around the world differ in terms of culture, traditions, and food. Something common in one corner of the planet does not enjoy a very good reputation somewhere else. As they say, one man’s meat is another man’s poison. Have you come across any poisons like these? If you haven’t, feel invited to browse the gallery below!

This is a list of the weirdest dishes eaten on our planet. Would you ever imagine anything like that?

#1 Basashi

Basashi is nothing but… raw horse meat, eaten in Japan. The dish is not so expensive.

#2 Eggs that are one hundred years old.


This starter comes from Chinese cuisine. These are preserved and stored for several weeks hard-boiled eggs.

#3 Corn smut


Corn smut is a plant disease that is caused by Ustilago maydis, a pathogenic fungus. Hard as it is to believe, the smut is a desirable product in Mexico. Dishes that include it are widely considered mouth-watering there.


#4 Muktuk


Muktak is a meal of whale skin and blubber. Yes, you have it raw…


#5 Mother’s milk ice-cream


This is real. Ice-cream made of mother’s milk is said to be the best pain killer when teething starts.

#6 Edible birds’ nests


They consist of solidified saliva of some species of birds. They are particularly prized in south-east Asia.

#7 Drunken shrimps



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Another Chinese snack. This shrimps are… alive. They are pickled in alcohol – this is where their name comes from.


#8 Casu marzu


Rotten cheese dating back to last century. It is known for live insects larvae (maggots) that are planted there immediately.

#9 Shiokara


A dish typical of Japanese cuisine. The main ingredients include salted and fermented fish bowels and other marine animals. Can you imagine eating this?

#10 Wasp cakes


A Chinese dessert, rich in protein. Enjoy!