10 Easy Life Hacks MacGyver Himself Would Be Proud Of! They Are Amazing!

We have heard of so many tricks that sometimes it is difficult to remember all we have already used. Perhaps we will manage to surprise you with yet another one you have no idea of? There is one thing you can take for granted – the life hacks below will save you a few minutes so that you could enjoy doing something more pleasant than cleaning!

#1 An interesting idea how to bring a home a full shopping bag plus a bottle of fabric softener

#2 Would you like to count the burnt calories while painting? Cover your smart watch with a wrist band

#3 How to save time lacing your trekking boots

Save time lacing your boots by learning the double hook method! from r/lifehacks

#4 Freeze coffee in ice cube tray. Once it gets solid, drop a few coffee cubes into a glass of milk. As many as you want. This is an interesting idea for a refreshing and cooling drink

#5 Your trousers keep unzipping? Attach a key ring to the zip slider and to the button

#6 How to dry a mop

#7 Old shorts turned into a sporty top

#8 Looking for a dustbin? MacGyver himself wouldn’t come up with it

#9 No corkscrew around? There’s a solution to it, too

#10 An Ikea bag turned useful at a wedding reception

Which life hack did you like the most?

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