Life Hacks That You Are Bound to Find Useful!

    Life Hacks That You Are Bound to Find Useful!

    4:56 PM EDT, October 30, 2021, updated: 7:25 PM EDT, October 30, 2021

    I guess we all admire superheroes saving the world with their superpowers. We just wish we could use them, too.

    The thing is that the world is full of common people who are superheroes in everyday life. They will always know what to do to avoid sneezing during a family meeting or they can quickly fix a zip. They will thread a needle in a blink of an eye. Aren’t these the superpowers we actually need so much?

    #1 ‘Have I locked the door?

    This is a question we ask ourselves so many times. There is a way to handle the problem. Why don’t you say something aloud or even sing something while locking the door? If you break the routine of closing the door, next time you begin to wonder if you have closed the door or switched off the iron, you will only have to recall what you sang or said. You will be sure that you have actually done the thing. Remember that the funnier the extra thing you do is, the more likely you are to remember the entire situation.

    #2 Problems with threading a needle

    Are you getting frustrated again? Use an old toothbrush. Put the thread on it and press the needle in the thread. The brush’s hair will push the thread through the needle’s eyes.

    #3 Tweezers needed!

    Some tiny items simply can’t be picked up with fingers. You can use three coins then. Put one on another so that the middle one will be moved a bit backwards. Nothing’s going to be too small to pick up now!

    #4 You’re choking and there’s nobody around

    A very important piece of information, by all means worth sharing with others. When you are choking and there is nobody to give you the Heimlich, get down on your hands and knees. Then rapidly raise your hands forward at the same time lifting your feet, so that your belly bumps onto the floor. It’s an alternative to Heimlich. Try to keep your chin up so that it won’t get hurt.

    #5 Storing the keys

    You’re going jogging or simply going out somewhere. You take your car or house keys with you. You’re worried that you may lose them.

    Don’t be. Use a rubber band to tie the keys inside your pocket. No chance they will fall out.

    #6 Avoiding hiccup

    Hiccup is a nasty thing. This is how you handle it: take a deep breath through your mouth. Swallow saliva twice. Slowly release the air through the nose. Your hiccup should soon be gone, of course as long as you follow the procedure carefully.

    #7 Blocked nose

    Are you sick and tired of your blocked nose? Well, you need a few thick pillows. Lay your head on its side so that the blocked nostril is on the opposite side of the pillow. This will unblock it more quickly than you think.

    #8 When sneezing is not welcome

    There are some people around and you know you are just about to sneeze. Press your finger against the nose base above the upper lip. This is how you will activate the receptors which will intercept the signal causing sneezing sent by your brain.

    #9 Hard butter

    Some unexpected guests have popped in for a late dinner and the butter is hard like a rock? No problem. Just grate it. You will surprise your guest with lovely butter flakes that will also spread easily.

    #10 A zipper

    To fix a zipper you only need one thing – a fork. Believe me, this is a piece of cake.

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