Latecomers Live Longer and Are Generally Happier. Being Late Is So Good for Them!

    Latecomers Live Longer and Are Generally Happier. Being Late Is So Good for Them!

    6:57 PM EDT, May 7, 2022

    If turning up on time is something you are not famous for, we have some good news for you. Scientist believe that people who are always late tend to be much happier and live longer lives.

    We all know someone who is notorious for coming late and never have enough time. While this is certainly annoying for those who are forced to wait, the latecomers themselves win quite a few advantages.

    Less stress

    According to psychologists, latecomers live longer. They are also good at multitasking and can solve almost all problems. They are also less concerned with work and deadlines, which is widely known to have positive influence on our bodies. As they do not care about so many things, their blood pressure is on average much lower so the circulatory system is not so susceptible to so many diseases. They are also much less likely to suffer from depression.

    Chris Wade/unsplash
    Chris Wade/unsplash

    Positive thinking

    Moreover, latecomers are born optimists. They believe that they will manage to do a number of things even within a limited period of time. Although their plans are rather implausible, this does not matter at all. It’s all about positive thinking and having faith that eventually things will be fine. And it is their positive thinking they display even in their early years that later translates into better health, better work efficiency and, of course, longer life.

    Wil Stewart/unsplash
    Wil Stewart/unsplash

    Good employees

    Some scientists think that many latecomers are in fact perfectionists. They will not leave their house until they do everything they are supposed to. This pattern is also copied in their professional life as they are very devoted workers.

    Are you a latecomer or do you always arrive on time?
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