Konmari Habits - 8 most important daily habits of Marie Kondo that we have tried!

    Konmari Habits - 8 most important daily habits of Marie Kondo that we have tried!

    Konmari Habits - 8 most important daily habits of Marie Kondo that we have tried!
    7:31 PM EST, December 31, 2020, updated: 6:38 PM EST, January 1, 2021

    We stepped into her life, we were very curious, and some of these habits are deffinitely really interesting .

    How we started a typical Marie Kondo's day?

    She says:


    1. Let in fresh air!

    She starts her day by opening up all the windows, all the blinds, letting fresh air into her home. We have never done it but once we did, we were like - why don't we do that! It is so amazing to have a nice cool breeze going through your home, it wakes you up and it just feels fresh and clean... Even if it is freezing cold outside, do this anyway! You will survive!

    2. Sip what sparks joy!

    The next habit she follows is she sips with sparks joy every morning! Whether that be a cup of tea or coffee, whatever makes you happy, make sure you are drinking that first thing in the morning.


    3. Get ready and dressed!

    The next thing she does is get dressed, even if she is working from home. Because many people these days work from home, we do avoid getting dressed at all costs, we are always in our loungewear and she says, by getting dressed up, you are going to feel more productive, get more done, and get in that work mindset - a few of us weren't that comfortable as we normally were, but that is actually a good thing because we didn't want a lounge on the couch or rest, we were more comfortable sitting at our desk!

    4.Thank your belongings!

    This may seem a little out there, but as we were doing this without judgement, we were so into it and we actually loved it!

    We normally give thanks when we get something. Our body is believing it is receiving something because the emotional signature of gratitude means it has already happened. So if we beginning to experience gratitude, we are more prone to accept, believe, and surrender to the thoughts equal to that emotional state and we begin to program ourselves into health and joy.

    Marie Kondo goes even further into this thanking her belongings verbally as she is using them.

    So she says, when you return the jacket you wore, the bag you used, at the end of the day do so with gratitude saying - thank you for supporting me today.

    Thank you jacket for keeping we warm today , thank you wine for... making me happy...thank you cup ...

    Doing this felt kind of weird but really, when you think about it, we do believe that gratitude is the key to happiness and by making a conscious effort to actually thank the things outloud in our daily life that we are using, it just brings more gratitude into your life and by bringing more gratitude into your life, that naturally will lead to happiness.

    5. Make daily to do list!

    Write a detailed to-do-list and check things off throughout the day as you are getting things done but... do write it down physically on a paper! It really does just make you feel more productive and it is proven that your brain works on a different level helping you achieving all of those things from your list.

    6. Clean your shoes!

    Next, she says when she returns home, she removes her shoes and wipes them before putting them away and putting on her house slippers.

    7. Wipe and put away hair products!

    She says after she is done using her haircare products like shampoo and conditioner, she wipes them down with a towel so they are fully dry and stores them under her bathroom sink. She says this makes cleaning the bathroom easier and prevents the build-up of mildew.

    8. Put things back in place

    She says she eats dinner and spends time with her family and children and once the children are asleep, she changes the water in the flower vases and put things in the house back in their places, because every item has it's place. She said, it takes less than 10 minutes to do this for her entire house and then she can go to bed with a clean house and start her next day fresh.

    We have to admit, after that day, we felt more calm than we normally do and our favourite habit that we took away from this, is just beeing more conscious of the things that spark joy in our lives and being more conscious of saying thank you and expressing gratitude not just to the people in your life but even the objects in your life.

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