Kombucha Conquers the World! You Can Easily Prepare One of the Healthiest Teas at Home?

    Kombucha Conquers the World! You Can Easily Prepare One of the Healthiest Teas at Home?

    Kombucha Conquers the World! You Can Easily Prepare One of the Healthiest Teas at Home?
    4:58 PM EST, November 21, 2020

    Kombucha has been becoming more and more popular recently. What exactly is it? Why is it worth drinking?

    Fermented tea


    Kombucha is a fermented tea, thought to have originated in Manchuria, China. The earliest records date back to the 3rd century BC. For 30 years, when it was brought from the USA) it has been gradually catching on in Europe.

    The name comes from the name of a kombucha culture, which is a culture of bacteria and yeast, reminding a little a jellyfish in its texture. And this is the culture that is behind the tea fermentation process.

    This tea is so healthy for you


    Kombucha is a real bomb of good bacteria cultures that bring health for our intestines. They are said to cure such conditions as diarrhea and irritable bowel syndrome as well as to prevent food-transmitted disease, including salmonella and Helicobacter pylori.

    Diet support

    Vitamins B it contains boost metabolism and according to some research, the presence of probiotics may stimulate weight loss.

    A research conducted in 2005 indicates that thanks to the acetic acid, malic acid and polyphenols, kombucha reduces  the process of fat accumulation in our bodies.



    • 1 kombucha culture (available online)

    • 2 spoonful of malic acid/ vinegar or 50 ml of ready-made tea

    • 2 spoonful of good quality tea (for example pu-erh)

    • 2 liters of filtered water

    • 150 grams of cane sugar

    • a jar

    • an elastic bad and gauze dressing

    Step by step:


    1. Make two liters of tea (it has to be quite strong).

    2. Carefully wash and dry the jar.

    3. When the tea is ready, sieve it to get rid of leaves.

    4. Add sugar and stir it well. Cool the tea down.

    5. Pour the kombucha or vinegar into the jar to increase the acidity of the fermentation of the culture.

    6. Pour the cooled tea into the jar and add the culture.

    7. Cover the jar with the gauze and secure with the elastic band. Keep it somewhere dark.

    8. When you notice the other culture form (normally after 5 – 10 days) wait two or three days more.

    9. Taste the drink. If you prefer something sourer, let it rest a bit longer.

    10. Take out the kombucha culture and put it into a small jar. Fill the jar with kombucha tea (you will use it for next fermentation, instead of vinegar or the ready-made one bought to make the first tea)

    Once you learn how to prepare the basic version, you can go for a flavored one. Try adding your favorite fruit juice, ginger and lemon – whatever you like!

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