Finger Knitting

Use this fun and easy way to get children interested in wool crafts!
Arm knitting turned out to be a lot of fun, and we’ve seen a lot of beautiful Infinity Scarves created by you. Now it’s time for something equally simple, fun and craftsy for our little ones. Finger knitting is not only an easy start into the world of wool crafts, but it’s also great in helping children concentrate thanks to its ability to improve dexterity and fine motor skills.

This easy technique allows to produce long strip of stocking stitch in a very short time and that can be really rewarding for kids when they see immediate effect of their efforts. You can mix few strips together to create colorful braided scarves or leave it simple as it is. In her tutorial, Lisa from "Little Bird" advises in her tutorial to use bulky wool for the best effect as the stitches will look more visible and the strip will have a lovely, chunky look.

If you come up with some new ideas how to use these finger-knit strips or want to tell us if your youngsters liked finger knitting, be sure to leave us a note below :) Soon you’ll be able to add your own pics to user gallery under each post, so stay tuned for upcoming upgrades!

To see full tutorial for Finger Knitting follow the link.

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