It Took Him Ten Years to Create a Gigantic Dragon in His Garden

    It Took Him Ten Years to Create a Gigantic Dragon in His Garden

    4:44 AM EDT, June 15, 2020

    Patience is a virtue and, unfortunately, it is getting rarer and rarer these days. With some much work and stress related to it, few of us can boast about being patient. How to stay relaxed then? How to keep your calm? Some of us spend two weeks building model planes, others devote 10 years to create a genuine masterpiece. There is a man who decided to sacrifice a decade of his life to make a gigantic figure of a dragon in his garden.

    A man has spent 10 years creating a gigantic dragon in his garden

    John Booker sacrificed ten years to create a huge green dragon in his garden. It’s all due to his passion for gardening. Thanks to this gentleman you don’t have to imagine what a green dragon would look like. You can see it in the photos below. Mr Booker is a great example of a pensioner whose life is not boring at all. He has been taking care of the hedge for many years to create this masterpiece. The hedge dragon is 4,3 m  taller than its creator and it is 30 metres long .

    Bearing in mind the size of the dragon and the precision it was made with, it is no wonder that it took Mr Booker 10 years to do it. He didn’t ignore even the tiniest details. The dragon looks very calm, as if it was sleeping. It is not a typical ferocious dragon as it was not the artist’s intention. He wanted something friendly – a nice decoration of his garden.

    A moving motivation

    The dragon is not a common green sculpture. It was a gift for the man’s wife. This is how John Booker wanted to express his love and he decided to forge his passion into an exceptional gift for the love of his live. Of course she helped him. She is a graphic designer and shares with her husband the gardening passion.

    Do you like the green dragon the man has been working on for 10 years?
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