Is Gas Grill Healthy? Let’s Bust Some Myths!

    Is Gas Grill Healthy? Let’s Bust Some Myths!

    Is Gas Grill Healthy? Let’s Bust Some Myths!
    2:27 PM EDT, April 26, 2021, updated: 3:12 PM EDT, April 26, 2021

    Are you a person who really cares a lot about your health? Do you do your best to have nutritional meals and live an active life? Are you wondering whether grilled food can be both healthy and tasty? We have the answer! It’s time you replaced your charcoal grill with a gas-powered one. Read the article and find out why it is worth it.

    I guess we all have heard people say that grilled food is much healthier than fried stuff. Unfortunately, this is not always true. If you are really keen to enjoy both fantastic taste and nutritional quality, you have to learn 5 important facts.


    Fact #1 Gas grill is healthier than coal grill

    A team of scientists from the Warsaw University of Technology led by Artur Badyda, conducted research into what substances are released during a typical weekend barbecue. They examined grills powered by charcoal, briquettes and gas. The research revealed alarmingly high levels of hazardous substances in the charcoal and briquette grills. The concentration of the PM2.5 fine particulate matter was 30 000µg/cu. meter, which is 1,000 – 10,000 more than the standard content in the air. Also, high levels of carcinogenic polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons were detected. The scientists concluded that it is definitely the gas grill that is the safest form as barely any hazardous substances were released.

    Fact #2 Gas grills are safe

    Gas grills don't emit any dangerous substances as they are powered with propane or propane-butane, neutral for our health.

    Forget the thick suffocating smoke – gas burns emitting water and carbon dioxide, which do not affect neither the taste nor the smell of the dish.

    Fact #3. Gas grill lets you control the temperature

    Healthy food requires correct processing. Burnt meat has some negative impact on our health. If you grill using charcoal, I am sure it has happened to you a few times to forget about your steak and to get a burnt chunk instead of a juicy portion.

    Another advantage of gas grills is therefore the temperature control option. Thanks to the thermometer you can control the heat and adjust it to the dish being prepared. Moreover, the lid allows you to keep a steady temperature inside throughout the grilling process.

    Fact #4 Gas grill means a variety

    Healthy eating habits call for a variety. It doesn’t have to be steaks and sausages all the time. You need to make sure that apart from meat your barbecues also offer fruit, vegetables and cereal products.

    Scientists from the Harvard University claim that half of our everyday plate should be fruit and vegetables, a quarter whole meal products and the remaining quarter should be proteins.

    Thanks to modern technologies, gas grills can help you prepare delicious and nutritious meals from all over the world.

    For example, the system used by Campingaz grills lets you turn the grid into a poultry roaster, a pizza stone, wok or a non-stick frying pan. A grilled paella, a whole meal pizza, seasonal vegetables in mustard sauce or grilled fig – sounding delicious? Choose a gas grill and you can do as many cooking experiments as you want!

    Fact #5 Gas grill can be cleaned easily

    If you have a charcoal grill, you know that In fact you have to clean it every time it is used. Leaving the burnt fat on the grid for next barbecue could be really dangerous for your health.

    Still, if you are sick and tired of scouring and scrubbing, replace your grill with a gas one. There are grills on the market which are equipped with a system that lets you take out the side walls and the juice tray to put them into a dishwasher.
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