iPhone hacks you will actually use!


    4:40 AM EST, January 20, 2020, updated: 8:03 AM EST, January 20, 2020

    Everyday life hacks to help you get the most out of your iPhone!


    If you are writing a text message or a note and then you want to delete what you've just written,all you have to do is shake your phone and you will see a notification pop up saying "undo typing".And then you can just undo it and it's that easy.

    #2 Deleted an entire note on your phone and want to get it back?

    Just give it a shake and it comes back!

    #3 If you make a mistake in your calculator - sooo annoying

    Just swipe right!It will take it away one number at a time and then you can correct it.

    #4 Have you ever written a text message and noticed that you made a mistake and you want to go back and fix it but you can't get the little cursor where it needs to be easily to fix it?

    If you just hold down the space bar and move your thumb back and forth, you can easily move the cursor around and scroll to fix the problem.

    #5 Adding text to a screenshot,writing with markers,highlighting things

    Most of us know that we can easily take a screenshot on our phone by holding down the volume and the power button quicly together. But did you know that you can then click on that screen grab, which will be in the left lower hand and then you can add text to it? You can write with markers, you can highlight things as well.So if you are trying to point something out in a document or on a photo, you could quickly screen-grab it,then draw all over it what you want to show someone.And then you can also send it to them.Just press little arrow button in the top right and then you have the option to send it by text message or to email to someone or even to airdrop it!

    #6 Did you know that your phone can act as a measuring tape and a leveler?

    All you have to do is to download the Measure app, which is completely free by the way. You can just search for it on iTunes. And once you have it,you can then tap measure,and it will ask you to add your first point.So tap on it when you have your first point, then you can drag it all the way across to the next point, which is what you want to measure.And then it will give you a very accurate measurement in centimeters.And you can also use this app as an easy leveler so if you are hanging a picture or something like that,you can just bring this app up place your phone on top of it and it will tell you if something is level or not.

    #7 Did you know that you can customize your control center?

    It's basically all of the options that show up when you pull down on your phone like your camera, your torch etc, but you can add other things that you use all the time.And it's super simple to set up.All you have to do is go into settings and then into control center and then you can custmize controls.You will see dfferent options of what is currently showing on your control center and what is not and then you can move things around.If you don't use something,you can take that off.Then you could add things like your alarm or if you use voice memos very often,you can add all of that,so that is easily accessible on your control center,so if you ever want to get to something like that,all you have to do is pull down and it's there.

    #8 You can easily turn on your microphone while you are screen recording

    One of the greatest thing is screen recording and it's great if you want to quickly screen record part of the video and share it.If you want to record something online and also talk whoever through what you are actually doing,all you have to do is when you go down to screen record,instead of tapping on it once,just hold it down and then you will see at the bottom - microphone off.Switch that to on and then you can talk while you are recording.

    #9 Did you know that you can create customized vibrations so that you will know who is texting you wthout even getting your phone out of your pocket?

    If you are someone who keeps their phone on a silent for most of the time,this is super simple to set up - go to settings and then sounds and haptics.Then choose ring tone,then vibrations, and then you can create new and you can do any kind of pattern.Save this and then whenever they text you,you will know who it is.

    #10 A really easy way to send someone your location

    All you have to do in a text message is write "I'm at" and then you will see current location will come up as an option.Click that and it will send your contact exactly where you are.This is great if you are meeting someone at a specific place.

    #11 Stop those annoying pop-ups that come up while you are in an app that asks you to rate it to review

    It's super simple to disable these pop-ups!Go into settings and then into iTunes and app store. Then you will see disable in-app ratings and reviews and you can just click that off.

    #12 A way of turning off ads and in-app purchases while your child or you are playing on an app on your phone

    Once you are in the app,put your phone on airplane mode.This will mean there is no access to 3G or wifi so it will be impossible for these ads to pop up.This doesn't work for every single app but it's worth it for the ones that it does.

    #13 A few tips about using the camera on your iPhone:

    1. Set your camera to portrait mode as it will look beautiful!It has great focus, it has nice light and it blurs out everything in the background so you can get a really good quality photo.

    2. Double tap the screen and then a little sun will come up.Then you have the option to pull it up if you want more light and then pull it down if you want less light coming in when you are taking a photo.

    3.You can also set up a grid in your camera - go to settings and then to camera.Then you can click grid and this will give you a little,almost like a tic tac toe or naughts and crosses grid which will help you get a perfect flat lay or help you take a very centered selfie or help you to line things up if you are taking an interior shot.

    #14 If you ever need to call emergency services

    It's so simple - hold down a volume button and the power button at the same time . You will then see a little slider pop up that says emergency SOS, and if you slide that across it will call the police. And you can als add emergency contacts to your phone - click on the health app , that's the little app with the heart . Then you will see something that says "get more from health" and you can then set up an emergency cntact or multiple emergency contacts if you want to.

    #15 Did you know that you can actually set up reminder based on your lcation?

    A reminder app is a way of setting up all kinds of different reminders.You could set it up based on your lcation,so that every time you get into work,you will get reminded about something you need to do or even every time you get into the car,you can be reminded about something you need to bring.

    #16 A shortcut which will help eject water from your iPhone speakers! Mind blowing!

    Another hack is that you can actually Google the words water eject shortcut and then download a shortcut which will help eject water from your iPhone speakers if you were ever submerge your phone! iPhones nowadays are water resistant,but you could still get water into your speakers.But if you download the shortcut it will literally get the water out of your phone.It's literally mind blowing!

    #17 Did you know that there is also a night shift mode?

    A lot of people would know,that you can adjust the brighteness of your iPhone screen just by pulling down and then moving the little sun up and down.But did you know,that there is also a night shift mode?Apple says,that if you use this in the evening,it will actually help you sleep! And you can set up a schedule for it. So if you go into settings and then into display and brightness,you will see night shift. And then you can go in and set a schedule If you go on your phone at least it will be nice and dim.

    #18 Just pull down on your screen for a search tap to come up

    And a simple hack that everyone should now is that you can just pull down on your screen for a search tap to come up.Then you can put in anything,whether it's a place or a number or a text you are trying to find.Just write it into search tab and everything related to that will come up.

    #19 If you ever come out of something that you are doing and you want to get back to all of your most recent pages

    Another simple hack is if you ever come out of something that you are doing and you want to get back to all of your most recent pages - do a long swipe up on your phone.You do have to press quite hard,but this will bring up all of your most recent pages and then you can carry on with what you are doing.

    #20 If you are ever writing a text message which is a mixture of letters and numbers,but you don't want to have to keep flitting between the two

    Just hold down the numbers button and keeping your thumb on the screen, choose the number that you want.Then let go and it will take you straight back to the letters without having to actually manually do it.

    #21 If you have loads of internet tabs open on Safari,there is a really easy way to close them

    Go into Safari and then you will see two little squares in the right hand corner.Click on those and you will see all of your open windows.To shut them all down - hold your finger on the word done,which is again in the right hand corner and then you will see it says - close all tabs.

    Let us know which one is your favourite and share your own hacks!

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