15 Things You Bought as a Present for Somebody Else, but They Ended up Yours Because They Were Just Too Good to Be Given Away

Have you ever bought somebody a present that was so good that you felt like keeping it? I’m sure we all come across things that are so cute that we simply must have them. Then comes our common sense saying that it is a waste of money and so on. Here is a list of items that everyone who still has this ‘child’ inside of us simply won’t resist.

#1 The unicorn colours of cutlery

#2 A banana lamp

#3 Cookie cutters with images of famous people

#4 Penguin-shaped egg holder

#5 Unicorn-shaped corkscrew

#6 Buddha sponge holder

#7 A sloth straining your tea

#8 Some books need a superhero to hold them

#9 A monster sieve

#10 An umbrella changing its colour when it rains

#11 Phone covers glaring in the dark

#12 A cute vegetable peeler shaped like a cat

#13 Gorgeous succulent pots

#14 Magnetic sculpture to relax you after a hard day’s work

#15 A funny sponge to amuse you while washing up



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