The Weirdest Flavors of Ice-Cream. You Might Not Get Them in Your Country!

There is nothing better than a scoop or two of your favorite ice-cream. We all have our favorites – chocolate, vanilla, strawberry. The imagination of the confectioners, however, often carries them away and as a result the customers face a choice you can barely imagine.

The strangest flavors if ice-cream

How about a piece of horsemeat?

Boiled corn in the summer is a must. I bet if it was served like that on a beach, its sales would take off immediately

Soya sauce is everywhere. Why not use it to make ice-cream then?

If you add mayonnaise to everything, then you have to be consistent

These garlic ice-cream looks common. But its taste is to stay with you for a long time

Blue ice-cream for men

For people who are addicted to ketchup

Beetroots and goat cheese make a pretty yummy combination

Doesn’t lobster ice-cream sound luxurious?

And the foie gras ice-cream sounds just as posh

How about a scoop of Cheetos?

Or some extra protein?

Let’s mix two Italian flavors – pizza ice-cream!

Green pea as dessert

Sound like dinner – chicken wings and bacon

Wasabi and ice-cream? Why not!

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