25 Creative Solutions Making Shopping So Much Easier. Because All Customers Matter!

Shopping is such a pleasure for some of us. Of course, on the other hand, there are some who think it’s a nightmare. However, some shops and restaurants can do anything to come up to their customers’ expectations. This is how consumption can be made more pleasant!

#25 With prices going up all the time, a calculator will always come in handy

#24 Feel disgusted by other customers touching the bread you want to buy? This machine sells any bread you choose!

#23 No matter when your friends throw a a barbecue party, these meat vending machines will always be there for you to get anything you want to get grilled!

#22 You don’t have to go to the woods to pick some mushrooms yourself

#21 Finally we have a place where we can test toilet paper!

#20 This trolley will carry your shopping and charge your smartphone at the same time

#19 The fruit and vegetables here are sold only in paper bags

#18 With this magnifying glass you can make out even the smallest product information

#17 You’re not a born bar tender? This fridge will do it for you

#16 This device will cool your drink 20 times faster than a refrigerator

#15 To care about the female customers this restaurant introduced mini-chairs for bags

#14 No more getting lost in the shopping mall

#13 No need to ask the personnel which tent is the biggest one

#12 Just in case you wondered whether it’s really bakers you are walking into

#11 Now you will be sure that your bag will really fit inside the overhead lockers on the plane

#10 A track to test your shoes

#9 Perhaps this is the solution to the problem of damaged trolleys

#8 Now you can only wish you were younger

#7 Not only are dogs welcome there, but they even have their own menu!

#6 There are also supermarkets where dogs have their place, too

#5 Harsh conditions simulator for those buying winter clothes

#4 No more abandoned trolleys. These escalators can take them, too

#3 Standing in line is a perfect time to learn the waltz

#2 A shop in Germany allows its customers to test the rubber boats and kayaks in a special pool inside

#1 A very easy and straightforward method of communicating your shopping preferences


Has your favorite shop ever done anything like this? How do they make your shopping a nicer experience?

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