18 Innovations That Make the Lives of the Disadvantaged So Much Easier

These day people who are disadvantaged are not doomed to stay at home all the time. Thanks to some simple inventions they can live more actively, take part in social life, travel or even drive. There are more and more innovations who help them enjoy their lives so much more.

#1 A carousel in Hong-Kong. One of the elements was designed for disadvantaged children


#2 The Uffizi Gallery in Florence enables the blind to experience the visual art

#3 This chocolate has wishes written in the Braille alphabet

#4 This swing was designed for people on wheelchair

#5 This man lost his both legs. He can still ride his motorbike, though

#6 On this playground children on wheelchairs can have fun, too

#7 If there is a will, there is a way!

#8 A shampoo and a hair conditioner with information given in Braille

#9 This apartment is well designed to cater for the needs of the physically disadvantaged

#10 This trolley is for people who get around on wheelchairs

#11 This chair makes it easier to evacuate a disadvantaged person down the stairs

#12 Two eyeholes. One for a person on wheelchair

#13 In Singapore the elderly and the disadvantaged receive a card that gives them more time to cross the street

#14 The airport bathroom in Berlin. Right above the floor level there is an alarm switch one might easily use if they fall on the floor

#15 This ‘all-terrain’ wheelchair lets the disadvantaged person get around the beach

#16 Thanks to its shape the kettle is really useful for people suffering from arthritis

#17 This bathroom has been adapted to meet the needs of the disadvantaged

#18 In Basel, blind people can easily familiarize themselves with the city plan

What kind of facilities for the disadvantaged does your town or city offer? Let us know in your comments.

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