20 Original Fall Gadgets to Make the Long Dark Evenings at Homes at Least a Bit More Pleasant

Cold and rainy fall evenings are not a very good incentive to go out. As we spend more and more time at home, we can make up for the books we had no time for or indulge in baking sweets. No matter what your choice will be, these gadgets are going to make this season a much nicer experience.

#1 A charming pumpkin-shaped pot. Of course it’s not just pumpkin soup you can use it for!

#2 Once your mug puts this charming fox on, your coffee will stay hot forever

#3 How can you stay warm under a blanket and read? You need a blanket with sleeves!

4. This USB-powered toast-shaped hand warmers will keep your hands warm anywhere

#5 Just take a look at the baking molds

#6 A USB-powered mug heater you can plug in to your laptop. Enjoy your tea warm at all times

#7 Just heat the cushion in the oven or a microwave, and it will stay warm for 45 minutes

#8 Foot warmer

#9 Lovely bookmarks

#10 An electric shoe-drier

#11 A stylish ceramic tea light

#12 A cupcake maker

#13 A tiny lamp to let you read after sunset

#14 A teddy-bear blanket. It is really just for kids?

#15 Heated slippers that not only keep your feet warm, but also give them a massage

#16 There is a small heating system underneath the table that makes the bed a really cozy spot

#17 A gigantic soft sofa

#18 Each part of our body likes to be warm

#19 Three in one: a blanket, a jumper and a dressing gown

#20 Toeless socks for fans of flip-flops

Which item did you like the most? I think all the fall gadgets have got some charm…

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