24 Advertisements Displayed in Public Space. The Competition Stands No Chance!

Did you know that the first printed advertisement dates back to 1472 when a letter recommending a book of prayers was sent? Of course contemporary advertisement has very little to do with its ancestor. It is present not in print, but also on the radio, on TV as well as on cars and buildings. It is estimated that in 2021 as much as 748 billion dollars might be spent on advertisement! That is why advertising companies are looking for innovative and creative solutions to attract the attention of the target audience. This is a list of some really good advertisements that were displayed in quite unusual places.

#1 ‘Are you ready for a Brazilian jungle adventure?’ These escalators are really scary

#2 Promoting a film is not only about trailers

#3 Because Fanta is all about fun


#4 It looks so good that you can hardly resist touching it!

#5 It’s break time!

#6 Hubba Bubba does know what ‘the longest chewing gum in the world’ means

#7 An app and an app and an app…

#8 The phrase ‘too much cheese’ does not exist

#9 This is how long Rapunzel’s hair actually is

#10 A very good advert reminding us to take care of nature

#11 Simply irresistible

#12 The moment to take-up jogging has come!

#13 Thirsty? Have a shower!

#14 This is how a polaroid works

#15 What is your hairstyle today?

#16 The heat, the door, the lager inside…

#17 A smart ad from a carwash

#18 Problems with your teeth? Just pick up the number!

#19 Would you like some steamy hot coffee?

#20 Because Mr Clean can clean everything

#21 This bag will remind you that plastic literally kills

#22 Press the button to be born again

#23 Seeing an advert like this you simply must see the film

#24 Save the paper, save the tropical forests!

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