21 Examples of Resourceful Design. Such Creativity Simply Deserves to Be Rewarded!

Only when we see some items do we realise how useful they could be. Marketing experts work full steam to satisfy customers with their shopping choices. The 21 examples below by all means deserve a reward. They are unbelievable!

#1 Trolleys in some Canadian supermarkets have got navigation units to help customers get around

#2 Chewing gum box with teeth made of the gums

#3 The toothbrush to help you get all the paste from the tube

#4 A Lego shop ceiling looking like the bottom of a block

#5 Miniature samples of products letting you touch the material and giving you the idea what the original size object looks like

#6 Ingenious tool advertisement

#7 A packet of crisps with two openings, letting you reach those one the bottom

#8 The best pizza advertisement ever

#9 And immediately you feel like having a haircut

#10 A coffee table with a built-in fridge

#11 A fruit cap for a fruit juice carton

#12 The advertisement speaks for itself

#13 ‘Found a job’ – an advertisement of a website for people seeking employment

#14 A teabag looking like a gold fish

#15 A marvellous advert of ‘Stranger Things’

#16 Jeans advert that lets you touch the material

#17 An ingenious gift for a woman – flowers and wine in one!

18 Earphones packed to look like notes

#19 A birthday card that loads like a Windows file

#20 A toilet that takes care of your hygiene

#21 …so that you will always know if the camera is on

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