20 Photos Proving beyond Any Doubt That Real Life Sometimes Has Got Nothing to Do with Its Social Media Version

Watching photos can be a pleasant thing to do. However, we often do not realise how difficult it was to get this perfect shot. In the time of social media everyone wants to take the best photo. Looking at them we sometimes have little or no idea at all how much effort it cost someone. Would you like to see how perfect photos are made? See the gallery!

#1 Fancy a photo on the top of the world? Stand in the line!

# Need an exotic location? A DIY store might work just as well!

#3 There are moments when you realise that the phone must be always at hand

#4 Would you ever expect a puddle to give you a picture like this?

#5 This is how you take a dynamic photo

#6 Sometimes a lot of risk is involved

#7 The truth about picturesque empty streets…

#8 It’s all about the point of view

#9 Would you believe that the photos were taken 30 seconds one after the other?

#10 A mysterious waterfall and the mystery unveiled

#11 You want a perfect photo of your nails, but it is your friend who is wearing better clothes at the moment

#12 The same girl and the same make-up. Different lights and different angle

#13 To take an elegant photo, you have to try a few times

#14 This is what’s hiding behind a perfect Instagram photo

#15 Instagram vs reality

#16 When you are finally sick and tired of the perfect social media image

#17 Why does it look so much better on Instagram?

#18. Wait a second. Is it some kind of black magic going on here?

#19 Behind the scenes of most make-up tutorials

#20 When you really crave a kiwi


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