19 Really Smart Solutions That Ought to Be Implemented by All Schools

I guess most of you asked whether they miss school, no matter if you are students or parents, would rather say ‘no’. Would your response be different if your schools could boast about such fantastic ideas?
Sometimes it is only after we complete schools that we appreciate this period of life. Perhaps that is why some schools go for really unique solutions to make students appreciate this moment as it happens. Of course any ideas introduced to make students feel better at school are worthwhile. Last but not least it’s all about making learning a pleasant thing to do!
It’s really hard to get bored at school that introduces such practical and resourceful ideas. I wish I had attended a school like those below!

#1 Lockers turned into books

#3 A playground around a tree

#5 A periodic table on all canteen tables

#7 A clock in the Mathematics classroom

#9 Solar panels charging mobile devices

#11 Something all kids dream about

#13 Something for the hyperactive ones

#15 Bikes to ‘consume’ the excess of energy

#17 Recycling could be real fun

#19 Managing the stairs traffic

#21 Bubble-wrap for the anxious

#23 Controlling noise levels in the library

#25 Stairs are always better than elevators

#27 Entering the Mathematics classroom

#29 How to make everyone put the cables away in the IT classroom

#31 When fitness meets education

#33 Slides in the University of Technology in Munich, Germany

#35 This idea will catch on in any kind of school anywhere in the world!

#37 A bit of advanced mathematics

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