19 Stunning Photos Taken at the Right Time in the Right Place

A friend of mine believes that nothing in this world is random and everything that happens makes some sense. If this is true, then the universe wants to let us know that the Internet still hasn’t got enough amusing or intriguing photos. That is also a reason for you to watch the gallery below!

#1 When the cover matches you so well

#2 Just in case you wondered which way to go there

#3 This must be love

#4 ‘ I was trying to capture the sunset when the bird came flying.’

#5 Perfect timing and perfect angle

#6 When your hairstyle looks like somebody’s nest

#7 The waves can bomb the best shot

#8 The longest cat in the world

#9 Cheers!

#10 Perfect timing

#11 The joy you feel when you are taking such photo from the distance

#12 The moment I had my ice-cream stolen by a chicken

#13 The shadow of the plane and the halo effect

#14 I have no idea who was feeling more embarrassed then

#15 Who is chasing and who is being chased?

#16 Ships can fly, too.

#17 With real birds the graffiti looks perfect

#18 These two signs together warn us against UFOs kidnapping people

#19 This whale has a very creative lifestyle


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