17 Photo Hacks to Make All Your Photos Look Like a Magazine Cover

Jordi Puig, a photographer from Barcelona, shares some of his professional secrets over social media. In a very clear way he shows how, using some basic equipment, take interesting and original photos. His photo tricks can be easily used by anyone. The effect will be amazing!

#1 Fallen leaves attached to a string will form an interesting frame

#2 An original way to photograph monumental buildings

#3 On the way to the sunset along guitar strings



#4 An interesting portrait taken with a colander

#5 The best place to photograph the contents of the refrigerator is the kitchen table

#6 Nothing pretends to be snow better than expanded polystyrene

#7 The dog’s back lengthens the street line. The perspective seems to be so much deeper now

#8 Glasses of wine put on a table with glass top look as if they were floating in the air


#9 A person photographed from underneath will always look taller than they actually are

#10 A magical tunnel created with an illuminated LED chain

#11 A brocade spiral turned the woman into a heavenly creature

#12 Sometimes taking photos calls for a great deal of climbing skills

#13 Flowers attached to the camera will create the meadow feel

#14 The world seen through red glasses immersed in a puddle

#15 Stripes of a cloth and their stripy shadow

#16 This man got literally framed

#17 The lens reflected in a small container with water

Which trick did you fall for the most? Let us know in your comments.

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