16 Photos Where the Background Steals the Show. You Won’t Manage to Take Your Eyes off Them!

Taking a photo we usually pay attention only to things in the foreground. However, the background often steals the show. Sometimes it’s amusing and sometimes it’s just embarrassing. There are times when you simple don’t know what to say.
Enjoy 16 photos which should be awarded a “Background Prize”. They do deserve at least a moment.

#1 ‘3 years ago I married the love of my life. During our first kiss my sister fainted. We will never forget it.’

#2 ‘My first impression was that the guy behind us has a really long arm.’

#3 I was taking a photo of my girlfriend sitting on the sand. This is what I saw when I looked at the photo

#4 The moment when the people in the background get surprised to see how good your outfit is

#5 The tour guide on the boat told us that there were some unforgettable sight ahead of us. Well, he was right

#6 ’ Beware, humans!’

#7 I think I can hear the person in the bathtub screaming for help

#8 Group jealousy

#9 Of course everything was broadcast live

Trying to jump a curb in the background of live TV. from r/Wellthatsucks

#10 When your life vest is not letting you go

#11 That’s what you call a low five

#12 I really enjoyed the friendly atmosphere at the party

#13 I bet these two barely know each other

#14 It’s not only the leaning tower that gets some support

#15 Will you take a better photo than the one where Batman makes fun of you?

#16. Yes, there’s a bear at the wedding ceremony

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