15 Marvellous Products Designed by the Smartest. Using Them Is a Pleasure!

The designer’s job is not only to make up the visual part of an item. A really good design matches functionality with nice cover.

15 ingenious designs whose authors really deserve a pay rise

#1 Choosing the colour of the basket you send a message whether you want to be assisted (red baskets) or you can browse on your own (black baskets)

#2 Parts, screws, and tools packed in way to be available for you only when you need them. Step by step

#3 The backrest of the chair lets the lady hang the bag and there’s no way it will fall on the floor

#4 A microwave that turns the sound down. An ideal present for someone who ‘preys’ at night or has little kids

#5 A projector hidden in the ceiling

#6 A hairdresser’s car

#7 A trim roller wrapping that can be used as paint tray

#8 A round ping-pong table. You won’t have to chase your balls anymore

#9 Time matters while cooking. A spoon and a lid in one will help you save it

#10 A door handle with a hand sanitiser. Priceless these days

#11 Folding seats on the bus to help you stretch your legs after a hard day. Of course as long as there is nobody sitting in front of you…

#12 A glass swiping cloth underneath your shirt

#13 A display on the platform informing about which carriages are overcrowded

#14 This designer knows that every single socket in the kitchen matters


#15 Extra shirt buttons holding the sides close

Sources: www.buzzfeed.com

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