15 Ingenious Items That Should Have Been Invented Much Earlier

Almost every single they we hear about inventions or items from the future that we used to see only in science-fiction movies or books. What would say for a mobile garage or a bar counter that keeps your drinks cold? It took some smart heads a little while to come up with things that make our lives easier. They managed to create items that can be yours now!
Check out these creative solutions that connect technology and the power of human imagination. Let us know which is your favourite!

#1 Electronic board showing which toilets are free at the moment

#2 A hotel mirror telling you what the weather outside is like at the moment

#3 A Bluetooth speaker powered by a micro-hydroelectric generator

#4 A pen informing you how many pages it has enough ink for

#5 Intercom that changes the digits arrangement so that nobody standing behind you can work out your code

#6 A microwave and toaster in one

#7 Inflated garage protecting your car

#8 ‘In my office we have separate wardrobes for smokers and non-smokers.’

#9 Sushi sticks that look like little lightsabers

#10 A computer mouse and a calculator in one

#11 A chocolate bar with pieces for fans and fanatics

#12 A buckle on a rucksack that works as a whistle in emergency, too

#13 This is how my baseball cap was delivered to protect it against deformation

#14 This changing room offers a few lighting options to see what your outfit will look like in daylight, night light and artificial lights

#15 A bar counter with a stripe that keeps the drinks cool

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