14 Tricks That Can Change the Dullest Photos into Genuine Masterpieces

Today we are all so keen to have and take as good photos as possible. The thing is you don’t need to know all options Photoshop offers or you don’t have to know every single setting of your camera. Thanks to a few easy photo hacks your pictures will be much more impressive! How to take original photos without expensive equipment and professional studio? You are just about to find out!

#1 Make a little hole in a piece of paper and then put the piece onto the lens. The trick will give you the pinhole effect creating an intriguing blur.

#2 Romantic atmosphere of a rainy day does not require actual rainfall.

#3 A bit of neon paint, a torch in your phone and the universe is in your hands.

#4 Place a smartphone or tablet at the lens to get the impression of reflection

#5 Are you into shadow play? Use leaves to create a pattern on the model photographed.

#6 If you want to capture some bubbles, light the glass with two torches placed opposite each other.

#7 Remember about the golden hour (or magic time), which is just before the sunset and approximately an hour before the sunrise. This is when the light is most beautiful, natural and warm.


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#8 Another good opportunity is the so-called ‘blue hour’. This is the light right after the sunset and just before the dawn. Natural blue shades to be taken for granted!


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#9 You don’t really need much to create a photo from another dimension.

#10 Even kitchen utensils might prove useful to take an interesting photograph.

#11 If you want your dogs to stay still and look directly into the lens, use one of their favourite toy balls.

#12 Use a lighter to create a warm blur on the image.

#13 Do you remember the pinhole effect for the first example? Cut out a heart-shaped hole to get a charming bokeh.

#14 A piece of light cloth will also do while taking an original portrait photo.

Just keep taking photos! The best camera is the one you have got with you right now! Just look around and seize the most beautiful moments!

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