13 Smart Designs to Improve Life of Everyone Using Them

It is a matter of common knowledge that appropriate packaging and unique design are key to marketing success. However, there are designers who look ahead and try to figure out the way of thinking of customers. Here is a list of exceptionally functional and interesting designs!

#1 ‘The best shampoo you will ever steal’ – this hotel knows it all so well what the guests love the most

#2 A chocolate bar that can be broken into a variety of shapes

#3 An electronic map of the public toilet showing which ones are occupied at the moment

#4 A slide instead of fire evacuation stairs

#5 A beach accessible for everyone

#6 A hug-to-pay vending machine

#7 A box of markers with spare caps so that none of them goes dry too fast

#8 A tray that ideally fits the counter edge

#9 An extra roll of toilet paper stashed in the hollow place

#10 A minimalist box of flakes for those who don’t judge the book by the cover

#11 Lager for those who just want some lager

#12 The grid for those who happen to miss the target

#13 Black toilet paper, as dark as night…

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