13 Ideas for Unconventional Uses of Kitchen Sponges

    13 Ideas for Unconventional Uses of Kitchen Sponges

    1:56 PM EST, November 28, 2021, updated: 5:34 PM EST, December 1, 2021

    Traditional yellow or colored sponges are usually used to wash dishes. However, you can do much more with them. Find out what else you can use these inconspicuous sponges for.


    #1 Watering the Plants

    Before planting the plants, place a sponge in the bottom of the pot. The sponge will absorb any excess water that is delivered to the plants. And when you forget to water, the flowers can take up the stored liquid.


    #2 Sealing Windows

    Sponge is a good sealant for old doors or windows. Cut it into pieces and press the fragments into the gaps in the frames. Cold air will stop getting in.


    #3 Moisture Absorber

    Sometimes it happens that fruits and vegetables stored in the refrigerator start to rot quite quickly. To prevent this, place a sponge on the shelf to absorb excess moisture and prolong the life of the foods.


    #4 Soapbox

    If you use bar soap, be sure to put a sponge on the soap dish. It will absorb excess water and make the soap not dissolve as quickly.


    #5 Removing Hair and Crinkles

    All pet owners have a problem with hair sticking to furniture. Wet the rough part of the sponge with water and start removing hair from upholstered couches or armchairs. The same way you can get rid of wrinkles on your clothes. Rub them vigorously with the rough side of the sponge (it should be dry).

    #6 Cold Compress

    A sponge is perfect for making a compress. Moisten it with water, put it in a plastic bag and put it in the freezer. When it cools down properly you can put it on your skin.


    #7 Quickly Remove Nail Polish From Nails

    You can use a sponge to make separators. You can also squeeze it into a jar and pour nail polish remover over it. This gadget will help you remove polish much faster.


    #8 Cleaning Blinds

    Pieces of sponge will help clean the blinds. Cut two rectangles and make pocket-like holes in them. Wet them with water, put them on the kitchen tongs and start to remove dust from the blinds.


    #9 Washing Bottles

    To remove dirt from bottles make your own bottle cleaner. Attach a piece of sponge to a chopstick or chopstick using a rubber band. This gadget will easily fit into any bottle.


    #10 Soft Coasters

    Make coasters out of sponges to stick on furniture legs. This way you won't scratch the floor when moving chairs and tables. Cut out small squares, circles or rectangles from the sponges and glue them to the legs of the furniture.

    #11 Cleaning the Grid

    With the sponge you can easily clean the grate and the fans. Use a knife to cut it in such a way that it resembles a chessboard. Remember not to cut the sponge all the way through. This tool will help remove dirt that has accumulated in the recesses.

    #12 Softening the Dirt

    Wet the sponge with vinegar and place it in the microwave. Heat for 1 minute. The vinegar will make it easier to remove dried-on food residue (it will be softened).


    #13 Storing Pins

    A sponge works well as a cushion for pins and needles.


    #Bonus Tip

    Whenever a dishwashing sponge is used up, good way to up cycle it is to use around cleaning the house. By cutting it in half, I'm sure I'll never mistake it for a dishwashing sponge 😉


    What else do you use sponges for?

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