A Girl Figures Out How to Win in ‘Minesweeper’ Every Time! Most of Us Have Been Doing It All Wrong!

    A Girl Figures Out How to Win in ‘Minesweeper’ Every Time! Most of Us Have Been Doing It All Wrong!

    A Girl Figures Out How to Win in ‘Minesweeper’ Every  Time! Most of Us Have Been Doing It All Wrong!
    7:35 PM EDT, October 2, 2021

    A girl called Paisley decided to explain to anybody how you should actually play Minesweeper – a game that everybody who has got a computer knows. Her video was seen by 4 million people in just 4 days, winning 0.5 million likes.


    'Let's do something different for a change...'

    I guess Paisle hadn't expected her short and simple video to go viral. As before she had been sharing only family stuff and never got more than 5,000 views, a few day ago she decided to share something completely different.

    'In a moment I will make your high school dreams come true because I will show you how to play this stupid game...'

    - this is how Paisley starts the video. Then, step by step, she explains how to handle the digits popping up on your Minesweeper screen and how to recognize whether a given square hides a bomb or not.



    A vast majority of the 6,000 comments she has got point out that Paisle tutorial is a sensational discovery. Only a fraction of them express a surprise that the rules of Minesweeper were not obvious for everyone.

    This is how you play the game.

    For those who still don't know the rules of Minesweeper – if the digit is '1', it means that on any of the neighboring squares there is a mine. If it's '2', it means there are two around. Using that knowledge you can figure out where all the mines are buried.


    The blessing of ignorance

    Do you understand the rules now? If you don't, that's not a big deal. Quite a few people watching her tutorial still couldn’t work out what it is all about. Apparently, some of us are doomed to stay ignorant forever...

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