Don't Get Rid Of Your Old Refrigerator. It Will Come in Handy for Summer Barbecues in the Garden!

    Don't Get Rid Of Your Old Refrigerator. It Will Come in Handy for Summer Barbecues in the Garden!

    1:48 AM EDT, July 19, 2023, updated: 6:13 PM EDT, July 19, 2023


    Barbecue season slowly begins and regardless of yet some restrictions, cottage owners will always be able to enjoy this pleasure. However, we hope that in a while things will get better all around the world, let's spend some time at the grill in a larger company 🙂

    How about a portable beverage cooler? And a big one that can hold lots of ice and even more bottles? This idea is presented by Matt2 Silver from

    If you have an old refrigerator that you don't use and it's just sitting in your basement or garage, check out this fantastic project on what you can do with it

    All you need is a few pallets and some work, and in two days you can prepare a practical cooler for drinks. Such a cooler works without electricity, we use its thick walls as insulation to keep the temperature lower inside.


    #First Step

    At the beginning of this project, you need to remove all electronics, cables, and remove the chiller with freon. After this step, it turns out that the fridge will be full of holes on the back wall, which will be the bottom of the fridge after removing. So all these holes should be secured. After all, we'll be keeping ice cubes in the fridge to chill drinks, so we don't want water from melted ice dripping out of the fridge without our control.

    From the largest hole, it's a good idea to make a line with a valve so we can drain the melted water from the ice after the party.

    And these two things, removing the Freon chiller and waterproofing are probably the most difficult jobs in this whole project.


    #Next Steps

    From inside the refrigerator, remove any moving parts of the shelves on the doors and drawers from inside. The shelves can come in handy for separating the assortment that we will be refrigerating 🙂 .

    If your fridge is white, it's a good idea to repaint it so the color doesn't show from under the wood.

    Then all you need to do is install handles for the lids, wheels on the bottom to make it easier to move the fridge and possibly a board where we will write what we are serving 🙂 .


    A small refrigerator can also be made into a cooler for storing drinks during barbecue gatherings

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