How to Trim Lavender to Get a Dense Plant with Lots of Flowers?

    How to Trim Lavender to Get a Dense Plant with Lots of Flowers?

    How to Trim Lavender to Get a Dense Plant with Lots of Flowers?
    4:08 AM EDT, July 23, 2022, updated: 5:05 PM EDT, July 28, 2022

    Lavender is a lovely plant, which in addition smells extremely pleasant. It decorates not only balconies. More and more people decide to plant it in their own garden. Growing lavender is not at all difficult. Learn its secrets.

    Lavender naturally grows in the Mediterranean region. However, it has long been cultivated in home gardens and balconies. All because of its tiny, purple flowers, which spread an aromatic scent.

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    #Choosing the Right Site

    Lavender prefers sunny, bright but sheltered from the wind spaces. The best will be the region of the garden facing south or west. The right soil is also very important. First of all, it must be fertile and permeable (with a neutral or slightly alkaline pH). Without starting planting, it will be best if you properly prepare the ground. Dig up the entire area where you plan to grow lavender. Then mix the soil with fine gravel or grit.

    You must remember that lavender does not like waterlogged areas or acidic soil. For low calcium levels in the soil, chalk or dolomite will help.


    Lavender really likes to be pruned. This will make it grow lushly. Do the pruning twice each year:

    • in the spring (late March and April); still before flowering, trim the shoots by a minimum of 4in,
    • in autumn (after flowering) cut off dry shoots and wilted inflorescences.

    #Proper Watering

    Proper watering is important. Water the lavender once a week. Make sure the soil is slightly moist. The plant will not forgive flooding the roots. Then they will begin to rot, and the lavender becomes susceptible to fungal diseases.



    A major threat to lavender is frost and overwintering in the ground. As soon as the temperature drops below 50 ° F, then protect the plant with agro-textile. This will help it survive the winter.

    #Where to Plant Lavender?

    The fragrant plant repels ants and aphids. Therefore, plant it next to plants that are often attacked by these insects. It also feels good in the company of roses, thyme, marigolds, rosemary or hyssop.

    Do you like lavender?

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