How to Repel Pigeons from the Balcony? The Solution Is in Your Kitchen Cabinet!

    How to Repel Pigeons from the Balcony? The Solution Is in Your Kitchen Cabinet!

    How to Repel Pigeons from the Balcony? The Solution Is in Your Kitchen Cabinet!
    3:28 PM EDT, August 30, 2022

    Pigeons are quite persistent birds that love to sit on balconies and leave their droppings there. And as you know, dirty tiles are not a pleasant sight. How to get rid of pigeons from the balcony? One remedy will solve the problem once and for all.

    Pigeons living in towns and cities make nests not only in trees. They love ledges of buildings, attics, nooks in the wall, attics and also balconies. If you notice a pile of sticks on your terrace or balcony when you return from work, be sure to remove them. Chances are that the pigeon will not come back to settle in its nest.

    In many countries, pigeons are not protected by law. This means that you can destroy their nests even if there are eggs in them. On the other hand, you are not allowed to do so if the young have already hatched. In this case, all you have to do is wait about 5-6 weeks until the young pigeon leaves the nest. And you must be aware that these birds can breed up to 5 times a year, so there is a good chance that a particular individual will want to return to your balcony again.

    Viktor Keri/unsplash
    Viktor Keri/unsplash

    Of course, there are quite a few harmless methods to repel pigeons. You can use:

    - holographic tapes,

    - bird-shaped kites,

    - pinwheels, bells or other shiny and rustling gadgets in the wind,

    - figurines of birds of prey (it's a good idea to hang them at the ceiling of the balcony, so that the wind is able to set this plastic deterrent in motion),

    - balloons,

    - a device that emits the sound of birds of prey,

    - a net that covers the entire balcony (it has a fine weave that makes it almost invisible from a distance).

    Adam Rhodes/unsplash
    Adam Rhodes/unsplash

    How to scare away pigeons with vinegar

    Pigeons, like other creatures, do not like specific smells. These birds flee when they smell vinegar. Therefore, pour it into a container of your choice and place it on a banister or windowsill. This method should discourage these feathered creatures from inhabiting your balcony.


    How to get rid of pigeons from the balcony?

    These birds don't tolerate the smell of vinegar, chili peppers and pepper. In a spray bottle make a mixture of water with powdered chili pepper or pepper. Dissolve the spice andspray all those places that pigeons are particularly fond of. The strong smell will make the birds stay away from your balcony or windowsills.

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