Find This Gadget in the Medicine Cabinet. It Will Remove Every Splinter and Sting!

    Find This Gadget in the Medicine Cabinet. It Will Remove Every Splinter and Sting!

    3:18 AM EDT, May 16, 2024

    A splinter stuck in a finger can be intensely frustrating, and it turns into a real hell if it happens not to you, but to your child. How to remove a splinter quickly and efficiently from the body? This trick is a very effective answer to this worry.

    An annoying problem


    We've all experienced it at some point. Suddenly, out of nowhere, you feel pain in your finger. Most often this affects the fingertips, which on the one hand are very sensitive, and on the other, they come into contact with many objects.

    After a while you find that a splinter is stuck in your body and naturally you want to take it out. The only problem is that doing this is usually a hell of a challenge. And it's half bad to remove such a splinter yourself, but much worse when you have to do it to a child. They are usually completely confused. They don't know what's going on and cry their lungs out, asking mom or dad for help. That's when you have to act quickly and decisively. And unfortunately, a fidgeting baby does not make it any easier.

    How to remove a splinter? This is how you do it quickly and effectively


    Claire Bullen writes in her post about how to efficiently pull out a child's splinter, and people literally loved her way. Because it's surprisingly simple and works well:

    Claire came up with the idea of removing the splinter in her baby's skin with a children's medicine applicator. These are often attached to children's pain and fever syrups. The idea is a syringe dispenser, or oral syringe.

    Simply apply such a syringe to the place where the splinter got in. Now all we have to do is pull the syringe and the foreign body that has penetrated the skin should "slide" into the dispenser by itself. The transparent oral syringe still has the advantage that you can see if there is already a splinter in it. Sometimes you have to retry, but it's definitely worth it!

    This option is 100 times more convenient than trying to manually "pry out" the splinter, which usually ends up driving it in even harder. It is worth remembering this method and trying it at the next opportunity.

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