Use the Power of This Cheap Product and Get Rid of Mold from the Windowsills!

    Use the Power of This Cheap Product and Get Rid of Mold from the Windowsills!

    Use the Power of This Cheap Product and Get Rid of Mold from the Windowsills!
    2:47 AM EDT, August 31, 2022, updated: 6:52 PM EDT, August 31, 2022

    Mold occurs not only on the joints in the bathroom. It also appears around windowsills. After all, they are exposed to moisture, warm air and all kinds of dirt. How to remove mold from a window sill?

    It is important that you get rid of mold as soon as possible. Otherwise, it can quickly spread to door frames or even walls.

    How to get rid of mold using vinegar

    First, prepare all the necessary ingredients:

    a bottle with an atomizerglovespaper towelsbrush
  • safety glasses and a mask
  • Put on protective gadgets and dry the windowsill. There should be no water on it. Then pour a glass of vinegar into an atomizer bottle. Thoroughly spray the place where mold has appeared. Leave the vinegar for about an hour. Later, take a toothbrush and scrub well all the moldy parts of the windowsill. Later remove the vinegar with towels.

    How to remove mold from a windowsill Photo: Imgur
    How to remove mold from a windowsill Photo: Imgur

    Now evaluate whether you have managed to get rid of the mold completely. Carefully inspect the windowsill. You need to know that even from one small spot of mold, a whole colony will quickly develop. If in some place the windowsill is still infected, then prepare a solution from bleach.

    How to Remove Refractory Mold?

    Pour one cup of bleach and one cup of cold water into an atomizer bottle. Then shake the bottle and spray the solution on extremely resistant mold. Then use a brush to completely get rid of the mold. Finally, wipe the windowsill well.

    You can also soak cotton balls in this solution and leave them on the mold spot for a couple of hours. Then wash off the solution and rinse the windowsill with plain water.

    How to Prevent the Appearance of Mold on the Window Sill?

      Take care of proper ventilation and do not allow water to settle on the windows. It is best to bet on windows with a ventilator, which takes care of proper air circulation. A big mistake is to seal windows thoroughly and stop ventilating during the fall and winter.
    Keep window sills clean and remove dirt, hair, pet hair and dust. All dirt is an excellent breeding ground for mold.
  • You can coat your door frames or window sills with a special anti-mold paint.
  • Let us know if it helped!

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