How to Reduce Your Bills When Using Air Conditioning?

    How to Reduce Your Bills When Using Air Conditioning?

    How to Reduce Your Bills When Using Air Conditioning?
    3:05 PM EDT, July 19, 2022, updated: 5:30 PM EDT, July 27, 2022

    When the air temperature rises dramatically, it is a great relief to have air conditioning installed in rooms. However, with current electricity prices and rampant inflation, using air conditioners can be an unnecessary luxury. How can you lower your bills when using air conditioning and still not be defeated by the heat?

    With the current state of climate and economics, it can be very expensive to keep your apartment cool during the hot summer months. All thanks to high electricity bills. What to do in such a situation? How not to get grilled on a hot day in your four walls?

    How to Reduce Air Conditioning Bills?

    1. First of all, remember to make sure all windows are closed when using the air conditioner. This is a fairly obvious step, but many people forget about it.

    2. If there is no one in the apartment or house, then turn off the air conditioner. Newer models can be programmed to run for a short time before you return.


    3. Think about window blinders. These can be shade curtains made of thick fabric or blinds. They will keep the room from getting too hot, and the air conditioner will use less energy to cool the room.

    4. Outside, hang awnings over the windows or plant trees in the yard. They will provide a bit of shade in the rooms and the air conditioner will not have to go heavily.


    5. In addition, do not set the lowest possible cooling temperature. There is a rule of thumb that, ideally, the temperature in the room should be about 46.5°F lower than that prevailing outside. Such a solution will also not harm your health.

    6. Regular inspection and servicing of air conditioners is very important. Also make sure that the refrigerant is refilled only by an employee from an authorized service center. A dirty or not fully operational air conditioner consumes more electricity (even by 10-20%). In addition, it can harm your health.

    7. It is very important to change the filter regularly (do it every few months). When the filter is clogged, the air conditioner works inefficiently and is not able to bring fresh and also germ-free air.

    Now you know how to save up on your bills when using air conditioning!

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