How to Re-Use Plastic Bottles? 16 Inspiring Ideas

    How to Re‑Use Plastic Bottles? 16 Inspiring Ideas

    How to Re-Use Plastic Bottles? 16 Inspiring Ideas
    10:25 AM EDT, April 20, 2024

    Plastic bottles make up a big part of the waste we generate. That is why we have to think of ways to use them again. Luckily, there are several easy ways to do it and, most importantly, there is a wide variety of them. All you need is some time, motivation and… plastic bottles.

    Plastic can be adapted and turned into a number of things. Did you know that there are houses built entirely of plastic bottles? Find out yourself what other ways we have at our disposal to do something for the nature and make use of plastic bottles.

    These life hacks are not only about making our life easier, but first of all about taking care of the planet. Here come 16 ideas how you can use plastic bottles again!

    #1 Old ketchup bottle comes at handy if you want to make some delicious fluffy pancakes

    #2 A simple way to turn an old bottle into dog poop bags holder

    #3 Need a funnel? Use a plastic bottle!

    #4 Convert it into a stationery holder

    #5 You can use the top to protect a plastic bag of seeds

    #6 Don’t know what to do with a wet umbrella in the car? Turn a bottle into a pocket!

    #7 Storing washing-up sponges is not easy. Unless you cut the top off, remove the cap and fix it somewhere in the sink

    #8 It calls for a bit of effort, but you can have some DIY fans in your garden

    #9 Your bike needs a mudguard? A half of a bottle will do!

    #10 Use a plastic bottle to separate the yolk from the white of an egg. Squeeze the bottle, put the hole onto the yolk and let the pressure do the job

    #13 What about a birdfeeder?

    #14 The bottoms could be sued to make some original Christmas decorations

    #16 A light floating pot
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