5 Tips for People Who Have Vowed to Quit as Their New Year’s Resolution

    5 Tips for People Who Have Vowed to Quit as Their New Year’s Resolution

    5:01 AM EST, December 26, 2023, updated: 11:38 AM EST, December 27, 2023

    With the end of the year comes a time for reflection. Many people then decide to finally quit smoking. How to persevere in this New Year's resolution and never return to a smoke again?


    New Year's resolution

    Quitting smoking is a hard thing to do - there's no fooling around. However, the December atmosphere and the holiday season make it easier to quit. There are ways to help you stick to your New Year's resolution and forget about cigarettes forever.

    #1 Motivation

    First, think about why you want to stop smoking (financial reasons, health reasons). You must have a really strong motivation, otherwise you will quickly fall back into the habit. Write down on a piece of paper why you want to be free from cigarettes and read what you have written down every day. It is not enough to just say to yourself: "From today I don't smoke". Such a method never works.


    #2 Small Successes

    Quitting smoking is a long-term process. To persevere in it, be sure to celebrate small successes. Make a small gift for yourself after every month without a cigarette.


    #3 A new Pastime

    Often, people who quit smoking are craving nicotine. As a result, they gain a lot of weight. To prevent this from happening, find a replacement addiction that is beneficial to you. You can start playing sports, doing jigsaw puzzles, or doing crafts of your choice. It's important to keep your hands busy with something.


    #4 Alternatives to a Cigarette

    In the beginning, you can also reach for devices that are alternatives to a cigarette. One of them is glo tobacco warmers. In them, the tobacco is not burned but only heated. As a result, the substances that reach our respiratory tract differ significantly in their composition from classic smoke. Heaters provide the body with about 90-95% less toxic substances than traditional cigarettes.


    #5 Support

    Let your family and loved ones know that you have decided to quit smoking. They will be your biggest support in times of weakness. It is very important to know that you are not alone in your fight against your addiction.


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