How to Protect Yourself against Tick Bites? 5 Natural Ways to Do It

    How to Protect Yourself against Tick Bites? 5 Natural Ways to Do It

    3:41 AM EDT, May 23, 2024

    Ticks launched their attack very early this year, targeting both our four-legged pets and us. Due to the diseases they can carry, this problem simply can’t be ignored. Fortunately, there are ways to keep them at bay. What can we do then to stay safe from ticks?

    Ticks attack in forests, meadows as well as parks and gardens

    The most important thing is to carefully examine yourself after coming back home. Check if you haven’t got any ticks behind your knees and elbows, inside and behind your ears. They might also hide on the scalp, groin, around waistline, behind neck and in armpits.

    When you go to the forest or a park, you’d better put on bright clothes so that you can spot a tick more easily. It might take it as long as an hour before it reaches your skin.

    To prevent a tick bite, you can try one of natural repellents

    Remember that ticks hate the scent of cloves, thyme and pepper mint. Therefore before you leave home apply natural essential oils. Other smells repelling the insect include tea tree oil, sage, lemon grass, patchouli and sweet almond.

    Before application, dilute the oil, mixing with 50 ml of plant oil (for example grape seeds oil). The tea tree oil can be applied directly onto your skin.

    Another prevention method is supplying your body with a large dose of vitamin B

    According to some experts, vitamin B alters the content of our sweat, which repels ticks. One of the most common sources of vitamin B is beer.

    Also garlic has some tick-repelling properties

    Ticks love perfumes and perfumed water, so you’d better think twice if you want to use them and go for a walk in the woods

    Just like mosquitoes, ticks sense the heat of our bodies and smell our sweat. That is why perfumes act like baits. Take care of your personal hygiene using unperfumed cosmetics.

    Dried herbs protect you and your family

    As ticks are not fond of dried herbs, you can use them to prepare a DIY repellent. When ticks smell sage, pepper mint rosemary or melissa, they stay as far away as they can.

    Here is what you have to do: stew some rosemary and thyme in a bit of water; after an hour pour it into a spray bottle and add a few drops of lemon juice. Mix it well. Spray the mixture onto yourself and your dog.

    You can also use tansy to prepare such spray

    Roślina, której kleszcze nienawidzą! /
    Roślina, której kleszcze nienawidzą! /
    Have you found any ticks this year?
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