A Simple Way to Protect Your Home and Car from Martens. They Will Steer Clear of Your Property!

    A Simple Way to Protect Your Home and Car from Martens. They Will Steer Clear of Your Property!

    3:33 PM EDT, August 28, 2022

    A simple way to protect your home and car from martens. They will steer clear of your property!

    Martens can make their home in the attic or loft. They wreak havoc in our homes, as well as under the hood of the car. Fortunately, there are ways to make you aware of how to deter martens once and for all!

    Martens enjoy attics

    These creatures like to look for a place in roof insulation, and as soon as they find a spot after the roofing, they can both make noise and destroy the insulation layers.

    Martens damage cars

    They are a major problem for drivers who do not park their cars in the garage. They are rather rarely afraid of our cats, and they often prove to be more agile than dogs, despite the fact that they feel awe while facing them. They most often cause damage to rubber parts, including electrical wires.

    The degree of damage can vary and so can the costs of repairing it. For example, if they get into the cooling system tubes, it can lead to overheating of the engine, resulting in a very serious and expensive failure.

    How to deter martens?

    The market has responded to the demand, and quite a few means have become available thanks to which we stand more chances in this rather uneven battle. For example, some electronic devices designed to deter animals are becoming increasingly popular. Such devices emit ultrasonic sounds, which are very unpleasant for martens, but also inaudible to humans. Their price ranges from 20 to 60 US dollars. There are also some that you mount directly to the car battery. Then you need to remember that the price will be higher by the cost of installation.

    Scented toilet cubes

    There are also chemicals, such as liquid or spray formulations, which are used to coat the interior of the engine compartment or the floor on which the car stands. However, there are also much cheaper chemicals - such as a toilet fragrance cube.

    Just place it under the hood, but in such a place that it does not fall into the moving parts of the engine. The cube should be replaced with a new one every couple of weeks, otherwise it will weather and stop repelling martens.


    A plant that repels martens

    Scaredy cat plant - coleus conini. This evergreen perennial effectively repels cats, dogs and just martens! It has blue flowers and a characteristic odor that is emitted when its leaves are touched.

    fennec_station / instagram
    fennec_station / instagram

    What are martens afraid of?

    Martens have their enemies. Among them are dogs and... foxes. If you own a dog, martens are unlikely to make a nest under your roof.

    Dog's fur

    Martens still feel awe of our pets. So it's a good idea, after brushing your dog, to put some fur in a bag or just in a toilet hanger. Hang the bag with the piece of fur under the engine

    The fox is a natural enemy of the marten. Of course, getting any of its fur is not easy, but maybe you have got a hunter friend. If nothing scares away a marten that has settled under your roof, then fox hair will just kick it out of there!

    Have you ever had a marten problem?
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