In Hot Weather, Residents of Blocks of Flats Use Thermal Blankets to Protects Their Families from the Scorching Heat

    In Hot Weather, Residents of Blocks of Flats Use Thermal Blankets to Protects Their Families from the Scorching Heat

    In Hot Weather, Residents of Blocks of Flats Use Thermal Blankets to Protects Their Families from the Scorching Heat
    7:00 PM EDT, July 4, 2022

    In summer, high temperatures can be so unpleasant that we will instinctively seek shelter in our home. But even in this case, it is worth ensuring that its interior is cool. But how to cool the apartment on a boiling hot day?

    Hot, really hot...

    According to many people, the easiest way to cool down an apartment is to install air conditioning in the house and use it to the max. The thing is that not everyone can afford it. Installing air conditioning alone is expensive, especially if you want to have it in the whole house, not just one room. The cost of using such equipment is also high. Moreover, there are people who, for health or various other reasons, do not want to use such a solution.

    So what is a viable alternative that, in addition, will be as cheap as possible? There are a few effective ways, but one in particular has become very popular this summer. It may surprise you a little at first, but once you get to know what it's all about, you may be one of those people who are already its big fans.


    How to cool the apartment in hot weather - this way costs ridiculously little money

    This season, the use of... thermal blankets is becoming very popular. They can be purchased in virtually any pharmacy, as well as in many specialized online stores. The cheapest ones cost about $2 and are surprisingly suitable for cooling apartments . And now you must be wondering what you can actually do with them to cool your apartment.

    How does it work?

    Well, many people put thermal blankets on the windows - silver side out. In this way, they not only provide themselves with a shaded interior, in which it is much more pleasant to stay. The silver coating of thermal blankets reflects sunlight, while taking in a minimal amount of heat. This keeps the interior of the room as cool as possible.

    Of course, a thermal blanket covering a window doesn't look great. But if you want to cool your apartment on the hottest days without paying through the nose, this is probably the cheapest and yet effective method.

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