How to prepare windows for winter? 4 easy ways to keep heat at home

    How to prepare windows for winter? 4 easy ways to keep heat at home

    8:18 AM EST, December 22, 2019

    During the heating period, we can lose up to 25% of heat through leaking windows. It already has a significant impact on our bills. What to do to minimize the effects of bad weather conditions? Learn how to prepare windows for the winter!

    Adjusting windows for winter

    Fittings and hinges. Check their condition. They should stay in a right place and shouldn't be loose. Tighten them with a screwdriver if necessary. Then secure with technical vaseline or silicone based grease.

    Windows leak test

    Insert a sheet of paper between the sash and frame and close the window. If the card falls loosely, it means that you lose a lot of the heat.

    Summer / winter mode

    Modern windows have adjustable sash pressure to the frame. They are so-called eccentric rollers.Located on each wing from both sides and can be set in one of 3 modes:

    summer mode - the clamping force is the smallest and the window is the least tight.

    neutral mode - the marker on the roll is positioned vertically and indicates the average downforce.

    winter mode - the roller is rotated 180 degrees comparing to the summer mode is the maximum downforce.

    So how to prepare windows for the winter?

    How to tighten the windows?

    To change the pressure to winter mode, you need an allen key. Check the position of the eccentric roller by turning it in any direction. Then leave it in the position in which after closing the window the pressure is the strongest.

    How to seal windows for winter?

    Seals. Pay particular attention to those at the bottom of the frame, as they are more likely to be damaged. If there are no defects and they are still flexible, it is enough to preserve them with silicone grease or technical vaseline. However, if the seals are already used, they must be replaced. But remember, this shouldn't be done during cold weather!

    Installation of a gasket

    Gaskets have their sizes, so choose them according to the data from the window warranty card or from the contract with the assembly company. Before installation, clean the frames of dirt and grease and glue the gasket by removing the protective tape.

    Give your windows a moment of attention. The recommendations above will certainly improve their tightness, extend their life, but above all they will allow to prepare windows for the winter.
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