How to Make Foam That Will Dissolve Dirt Even in the Smallest Cavity of Your Window

    How to Make Foam That Will Dissolve Dirt Even in the Smallest Cavity of Your Window

    How to Make Foam That Will Dissolve Dirt Even in the Smallest Cavity of Your Window
    4:44 PM EST, February 27, 2022, updated: 7:43 PM EST, February 28, 2022

    How many times a year do you clean the windows? We have something that will help you do it a little bit faster every time you do this.

    It is very useful especially after the winter, when the windows may be (and usually they are!) in terrible condition. Not just the panes, but also the frames. They are lots of dirt all over, especially in some really inaccessible places…

    While it is really easy to wash the window panes, the frames are much worse. They always take far more time. Here is something that is going to solve the problem once and for all. And do you know the best thing about it? It is 100% natural!

    This is what you need:

    - baking powder

    - white vinegar

    - washing-up liquid

    - an old toothbrush

    - paper kitchen towels

    - a wet cloth

    - a tablespoon

    - a butter knife

    - a spray bottle

    2. Prepare the spray


    Mix water with vinegar in equal proportion. Then add a few drops of washing-up liquid and shake it well. Spray it all over the places sprinkled previously with baking soda. Wait 5 minutes (the dirt may resist a little)

    3. Now use the toothbrush


    Brush the deepest corners so that the dirt gets out of there. It will be much easier then to remove it completely.

    5. If there is any residue left, use the knife to take it out.


    Put a piece of paper towel onto the tip of the butter knife. This is how you can get into the least accessible spots.

    6. Finally wipe it all with a dry cloth.


    7. Done!


    Although this way is not much faster (though it is faster for sure), it is definitely more effective, natural and calls for much less scrubbing.

    Ps. We have tried it out and it does work!

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