Professional Tea Taster Gives Away the Secret of Perfect Tea with Milk

    Professional Tea Taster Gives Away the Secret of Perfect Tea with Milk

    9:07 PM EDT, October 30, 2022, updated: 7:10 PM EDT, November 1, 2022

    Every kitchen has got a cabinet with a variety of teas. Of course there is a variety of these varieties as our tea preferences are so much different. Some go for black tea with sugar while others choose green varieties or enjoy the taste of fruity flavors. To name just a few.

    Today we would like to introduce Kevin Gascoyne, who is a professional tea expert.

    The origins really matter

    Kevin Gascoyne grew up in Yorkshire, the cradle of traditional English tea drinking. He has been travelling all around the world in his search of a perfect cup. Currently he works as a tea taster in a tea studio – Camellia Sinensis in Canada.

    Camellia Sinensis
    Camellia Sinensis

    Are you wondering how much tea he drinks a day? Well, quite a lot; his daily dose is approximately 4 – 5 liters.

    What comes first, the milk or the tea?

    In the first place it's all about your personal preferences. Although a number of people believes that white tea is a deadly sin, this is the last thing you should take into account.

    “The priority is always you deriving as much pleasure from drinking it as possible. We are all experts in this respect, so if you have your favorite tea-milk sequence, just follow it.', Kevin says.

    Temperature really matters

    Before you pour in the milk, wait until your tea cools down a little. In this way you will prevent the milk from curdling and no lumps will form.


    The tea should be made in mugs so that individual portions are prepared.

    Make sure you use good-quality water

    The expert makes it clear – if you use filtered water, it is not going to work. The water should contain some minerals that will expose and intensify the taste of the beverage.

    The best tea? Only in India!

    Kevin drank enormous amount of tea during his travels all over the world. But it was in India where he discovered the best flavor.

    'When I was 19 I went backpacking to India where I discovered something that is referred to as ‘the champagne of black tea', says Kevin.

    So if you want to try the best tea, you'd better pack your things and book a flight to India!

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