How to Make a Rustic Style Swimming Pool Using Hay Stacks

    How to Make a Rustic Style Swimming Pool Using Hay Stacks

    12:39 AM EDT, August 14, 2021, updated: 3:22 PM EDT, August 17, 2021


    In summer, everyone looks for ways to stay fresh. The best way is to take a deep in a pool, lake or other any other way we can.


    Hay Isn't Just For Horses

    You do not have to spend money on buying huge backyard pool at all. You can successfully make one yourself. You will only need blocks of straw or hay. Of course, in this case the advantage has people living in the countryside, for who can get of the necessary building material will not be a problem. It is also important to have a fairly large yard and a helper to create a pool.


    For city dwellers, however, there is also a way out of the heat. Garden hoses, fountains or portable showers are a real salvation for them 😉 .

    #Tarpaulin and Strap

    Making your own rustic style pool is not difficult.

    You will need:

    • straw or hay stacks (the amount depends on how big you want your pool),
    • a large tarp that doesn't let water in,
    • rope,
    • sturdy adhesive tape.

    Make a rectangular or square shape on the ground out of hay or straw stacks. After all, who said the pool always has to have an oval shape ? 😉 Then cover the straw or hay with a tarp and tie everything tightly with string or rope. Reinforce the construction with adhesive tape and pour in the water. The pool is ready! Now you can swim in it freely.



    During the COVID outbreak, all pools in Canada were closed. Kyra Christmas, who plays water polo, was unable to train before the Tokyo Olympics. As a result, she built her own pool out of hay stacks in front of her parents' house, which is almost 5 meters long.


    What are your ways to stay fresh in the summer?

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