How to Make Easter Decorations – 10 Inspiring Ideas

    How to Make Easter Decorations – 10 Inspiring Ideas

    How to Make Easter Decorations – 10 Inspiring Ideas
    5:46 PM EDT, April 5, 2023, updated: 12:52 PM EDT, April 6, 2023

    One of the best things about Easter is that once it comes, it means that the days are much warmer now. Although spring can be surprising, the festival is all about first green leaves and grass.

    This is the best time to refresh your house and try new things. If you are into DIY things and would like to prepare some home-made Easter decorations, we have got something for you. We hope our suggestions will be a great inspiration for you!

    How to make Easter decorations: colorful bunnies

    To make them , you need some crayons and cookie molds. Break the crayons and put them into the silicone molds. Then put them in the oven.

    How to make Easter decorations: a stick bunny

    I bet you have never seen ice-cream sticks used like this. Draw a bunny on a piece of paper and then arrange the sticks to recreate the shape. Glue the first layer to the paper and then, using hot glue, build the thing upwards. Once it is ready, use spray paint (the one used here was brown) and give the bunny a desired color. At the end you can use a white pompom to give it a tail.

    How to make Easter decorations: An Easter door wreath


    It looks perfect not only on the front door, but also in a wall in the living room. You only need an old tire or a tin. Glue some styrofoam cubes inside and stick a few colorful plastic flowers.

    How to make Easter decorations: silver eggs


    Hard-boil a few eggs. Wrap them with aluminum foil. Don't bother if it doesn't look perfect. Using scissors smoothen the surface gently. This can take a while so be patient. Then use a range of colors to decorate the eggs. You can draw some hearts, flowers or stripes – it is all about the plenty of colors. Piece of cake, isn’t it?

    How to make Easter decorations – colorful Easter eggs


    Easter eggs are by far some of the most important decorations. Making them is a great test of kids' creativity.

    For example, you can cut out a shape of some cardboard and color them, dropping some paint on the eggs and then using a wiper. Leave it to dry and decorate your house with all the eggs you have made!

    How to make Easter decorations – painted eggs

    Hard boil an egg and wait until it cools. Then wrap it with paper towel and tie it up. Take some food coloring and splash a few dots. Using a spray bottle soak the towel. Let it all dry out and unwrap the egg. You will love the final effect!

    How to make Easter decorations: candy jar

    I bet you have come across some Easter figures that can be painted. Buy a few of them and a small jar. Then attach, using hot glue, the figures to the jar. Wait until it cures and paint the figure and the lid the same color.

    How to make Easter decorations: bunnies

    To make these cute bunnies use a quick setting concrete. Take a hollow egg shell and fill it with concrete. Then tape the hole so that the concrete won't flow out. Form the ears of a piece of copper wire (pliers will be helpful.) Use hot glue to attach the ears or gently put the ears inside before the concrete cures. Then peel the eggs and draw a face of the bunny.

    How to make Easter decorations: bunny chair decorations

    All your guests will immediately feel the atmosphere when your chairs look like this! Measure the width of the chair and cut off such a piece of a ribbon. Then stitch a hook-and-loop at the ends. Then take a fluffy pompom and hot-glue it in the middle of the ribbon. With two smaller pieces of the ribbon form the ears. Doesn't it look cute?

    How to make Easter decorations: a towel bunny

    Take a small towel and some colorful pompoms. Fold the towel and form the ears. Tie it up with a thin ribbon of the same color. Finally add the pompons and plastic eyes to give the bunny a nice face.

    Which Easter decorations did you like the most? Let us know in your comments!

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