When Setting up the BBQ, Have an Egg Carton With You. Your Guests Will Thank You for It

    When Setting up the BBQ, Have an Egg Carton With You. Your Guests Will Thank You for It

    5:08 PM EDT, July 7, 2024

    With the arrival of warm days, we start the great outdoor sausage roasting. There is a simple method to get any grill fired up quickly.

    When the Charcoal Isn't Dry


    When firing up the grill, there is usually a lot of excitement surrounding everyone. We want the charcoal to ignite the fire fairly quickly and the goodies to be ready to eat quickly. Of course, every barbecue master has his or her own patents for getting the fire going 😉 Some are more effective, while others still need to be refined. However, the thing that strikes the greatest fear is moist pieces of charcoal.

    Barbecue Punch Bags


    If you don't use up the charcoal quickly enough after opening the bag, it can simply become damp. You will then go to a lot of trouble to get it to fire up. However, there is a great way to make use of even charcoal that is not completely dry. All you have to do is reach for the egg cartons.

    How to Fire up the Grill Quickly?

    Put the charcoal pieces into the compartments in the egg carton


    Pour kindling over the whole thing (you can skip this step), close the box and place it on the bottom of the grill.


    Wait a few minutes. Allow the coals to soak up the kindling.

    Set fire to the box. Done!


    The closed extrusion ensures that the heat will not escape and so the pieces of charcoal will heat up quickly.

    A short Instructional Video ;)

    What do you use most often to fire up your grill?

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