6 Tips on How to Keep Your Cat Cool in Hot Weather

    6 Tips on How to Keep Your Cat Cool in Hot Weather

    6 Tips on How to Keep Your Cat Cool in Hot Weather
    12:33 PM EDT, June 28, 2022

    Our beloved fur-babies sometimes endure hot days much worse than we do, because they have no way to shed their fur. In this guide we will tell you how to cool down your cat in hot weather.

    “My Cat Is Panting in the Heat.”


    This is a basic sign that your cat is too hot and can't handle temperature regulation. He needs immediate help before something much worse happens. First and foremost, measure his temperature to be sure it is the cause of the panting. If it is not normal (normal temperature is 100°F to 102°F contact your vet immediately and give your pet water.

    How to Recognise Your Cat Might Have a Sunstroke ?


    A few characteristic symptoms that may indicate that your cat is suffering:

    • accelerated breathing, panting;
    • severely pinked ears, gums and tongue;
    • seizures;
    • apathy and lethargy;
    • involuntary urination and defecation;
    • loss of consciousness;
    • rectal temperature over 104°F
    • Remember that the above symptoms can also be connected with another illness and in every case of concern it is worth consulting a vet.

    How to Keep Your Cat Cool in Hot Weather?


    Here are the most important things you should do

    Daily Grooming


    Proper grooming is important all year round, but is especially helpful during the summer months. Daily brushing will help remove excess fur, and it will help your cat feel a little cooler. On particularly hot days, you may also consider stroking your pet with wet hands to provide relief from the sun. This is especially important for long-haired cats.

    Make Sure Your Cat Can Stay in the Shade, Even Outdoors


    Creating a shady spot outside is a great way to keep your furry cat cool. Trees and shrubs make great natural shade for garden-loving cats. You can also try creating your own shady spot by hanging up sheets or blankets. Don't forget to provide shady areas inside the house as well - close curtains and blinds to protect your pet from the sun.

    “Drink up Little One!”


    It may seem trivial and obvious, but ensuring your cat has access to clean, fresh water is one of the most important ways to keep them cool and protect them from dehydration. Always make sure there are several bowls of water both inside and outside your home. So that your feline friend doesn't have to venture far in search of refreshment. This is especially important if you have more than one cat, as they often don't like to share bowls.

    Dawn and Dusk


    If very warm days are forecast, make sure your cat can go outside in the early morning and evening when the weather is cooler. You can also encourage your cat to nap indoors during hotter times of the day by playing with him at dawn and dusk, and giving him breakfast a little later (to encourage him to come home before it gets too warm).

    Protect Your Cat From the Sun


    Although fur provides an excellent barrier against the sun's rays, cats can get sunburned, especially in areas with thin hair or no fur (such as ears and nose). Hairless cats, such as sphynxes, or cats with light coloring, such as red or white, are especially vulnerable. Protecting cats from sunburns is extremely important. These can lead to the development of skin cancer. When the weather is hot and you apply sunscreen to your skin, be sure to also protect exposed areas of your cat's skin with pet-safe sunscreen.

    Chunks of Ice


    Contrary to popular belief, ice can be a good and safe way to keep your cat cool. The possibilities for playing with it are endless - you can provide your cat with ice cubes to throw on the floor, give him frozen treats, or even drop a few ice cubes in his water bowl!

    Do you have any of your own ways to keep your cat cool in hot weather? Share with us on our Facebook page!

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