How to Grow Boletes? A Simple Way to Grow Your Own Mushrooms Using a Spore Concoction!

    How to Grow Boletes? A Simple Way to Grow Your Own Mushrooms Using a Spore Concoction!

    How to Grow Boletes? A Simple Way to Grow Your Own Mushrooms Using a Spore Concoction!
    6:38 PM EDT, September 3, 2022

    You can grow boletes yourself. Although it is the king of the forest mushrooms, we can have it in our garden or balcony. Its taste qualities are appreciated in the kitchen, and there are plenty of recipes using these mushrooms. No wonder that many people would like to have it at their fingertips every day, without having to look for it for it in the forest.

    How to grow boletes?

    If you are not a born mushroom collector, then I have an interesting solution for you. Well, you can grow boletes yourself in your garden or in a pot on a windowsill or your balcony. And it does not require much work at all. You just need to be patient...

    How to grow boletes?

    Start by preparing a concoction that will contain a decent dose of spores (they are found under mature hats). This concoction will stimulate the spores, which in the natural environment need to pass through the animal's stomach to do so.


    - two large old boletes,

    - 50 grams of fresh yeast,

    - four liters of non-chlorinated water (rainwater will work well).

    Grind the mushrooms in a meat grinder (don't wash them beforehand). Put them in a large container, add yeast and water. Mix, cover with a cloth and set aside in a dark place for about two weeks. Then add ten more liters of water. You can already pour the concoction where you would like the mushrooms to grow.

    What soil medium is appropriate for boletes?

    The concoction is only half the battle. It is worth creating the right conditions for the mushrooms to grow. Therefore, place some pine needles, dried leaves or decayed bark in the pot or flower bed. Mulch is, after all, the natural medium of these mushrooms. With the right conditions, you can expect the first results after just two weeks.

    How often should boletes be watered?

    About 2 weeks after the creation of the culture, it should all be watered with a fair amount of water. Depending on the size, this will be about 8-10 liters. At this time, the first mushrooms should also appear. This method works equally in the garden and in a pot.

    Don’t forget to let us know if you were successful in growing boletes on your own.
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